Chocolate Tour: From Cocoa to Cup



If you travel with more than 2 motorcycles, the tour rate varies.

Two persons : 815.000 COP

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Our adventure begins at 8 in the morning at our agency, departing from Santa Marta. Along the way, we’ll pass through the bustling 11 de Noviembre neighborhood, known for its traffic jams and the noise of vehicles trying to enter the city. Once we reach the popular town of Bonda, we’ll start our journey on an unpaved road, immersing ourselves in nature.

After about an hour of ascending into the mountains, we’ll arrive at a cacao farm. Here, you’ll dive into the fascinating process that turns cocoa into chocolate, from the cacao tree to the chocolate cup we enjoy. You’ll learn the secrets of chocolate production and how this delightful treat comes to life.

We’ll continue our journey until we reach a private farm owned by a local farmer who will welcome us to a refreshing natural waterfall. This is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the natural beauty surrounding us. You can spend the rest of the morning exploring, swimming, and relishing the waterfall’s freshness.

Around 2 in the afternoon, we’ll begin our return journey to have lunch at a restaurant highly regarded by the people of Santa Marta. Here, you can savor authentic local cuisine served in most homes in the city.

This chocolate tour is a unique opportunity to discover the process behind chocolate creation, explore the beauty of Bonda, and relish an authentic culinary experience. Join us on this journey from cocoa to cup and uncover the flavors and secrets of Colombian chocolate!


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