Welcome to the Sea Festival in Santa Marta 2023

If you’re seeking an unforgettable experience in Colombia, you can’t miss the traditional Sea Festival in the beautiful city of Santa Marta. The “Sea Festival” is an annual celebration that pays tribute on July 29th to the city’s birthday and the special relationship Santa Marta has with the Caribbean Sea. The festivities are held in honor of the sea, which has been fundamental to the city’s history, economy, and identity.

Every year, this festival takes place in the last days of July, commemorating the foundation of Santa Marta with live concerts and traditional dances. It’s an annual event, so if you missed it this time, we’ll be waiting for you next year. However, make sure to be careful and check the dates before traveling.

During the Sea Festival, Santa Marta offers various activities and events for the enjoyment of both locals and tourists visiting the city during this time. Some of the typical activities you can find during these festivities include:

Water sports, Sea Queen pageant, Nautical parades, Artisanal fishing competition, Selection of the national sea captaincy, Sports activities, Samaria cuisine festival, Gastronomic displays, Cultural events, Art exhibitions, Fireworks show, Recreational activities on the beach, Live music and dances, 9th Summer Festival, 8th Festival of Vallenato Troubadours

It’s a whole week filled with parties, sports, and culture.


Santa Marta welcomes a large number of tourists eager to enjoy the festival and the city’s natural beauties. Additionally, during the event, you might have the opportunity to experience performances by renowned national and international artists, adding a special touch to the experience.

This year, 2023, the invited artists include Maelo Ruiz, Ivan Villazón, Michel ‘el buenón’, Eddy Herrera, Mr. Black, Proyecto Uno, and Reinel. Today, Sunday, July 30th, will be the last day, culminating with the closing concert featuring Maelo Ruiz on El Rodadero Beach at 7 PM. You can’t miss it.

In conclusion, the Sea Festival in Santa Marta is a unique occasion to celebrate the magic of the sea and the cultural identity of this coastal city. Enjoy the events, the beaches, the gastronomy, and the hospitality of Santa Marta while immersing yourself in this incredible celebration – there are activities for all tastes. Remember to respect the rules and restrictions to ensure a safe and memorable experience for everyone. Lastly, help keep the beaches and celebration areas clean and tidy. Use the appropriate trash containers to dispose of your waste.

Come to Santa Marta and experience the Sea Festival like never before! We await you with open arms, and the Caribbean Sea is ready to embrace you in this unforgettable celebration!

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