Palomino Tour

An adventure where the river meets the sea – All included

Here a tour worthy of an adventurous soul awaits you, where, without a doubt, you can have a wonderful encounter with nature. You will have fun with the big waves of the sea and at the same time you can have a relaxing break in the river.




If you travel with more than 2 motorcycles, the tour rate varies.

Two persons: 1 280.000

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Our exciting excursion begins early, at 8 in the morning, as we depart from Santa Marta towards the stunning Tayrona National Natural Park. Our first stop is the charming “Playa Los Cocos,” where you can capture spectacular photos and savor a refreshing beverage. This is the perfect place to kick off our adventure.

Our second destination is the magical “Pozo Encantado.” This location is ideal for nature walks, river strolls, and cooling off in its crystal-clear waters that flow from the majestic Sierra Nevada.

Continuing our journey, we arrive in the picturesque town of Palomino. Here, you’ll have the unique opportunity to float down the river on inflatable rafts while gently drifting with the current. During this adventure, you’ll witness one of the most breathtaking sunsets in the entire region. The merging of the river and the sea in Palomino creates a special atmosphere that you’ll surely remember for a long time.

The town of Palomino perfectly combines natural beauty with local culture. Its restaurants, bars, and hostels create a magical ambiance that immerses you in the essence of Colombia’s Caribbean coast.

At 5:00 PM, we’ll commence our return journey to the city of Santa Marta. You’ll not only carry unforgettable memories with you but also the feeling of having experienced a true adventure in nature and having witnessed one of the region’s most spectacular sunsets. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore Palomino with BikeRental!


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